Ka’ena Point North Shore Hike With Kids

A lovely hike the whole family can enjoy! With the right timing, prep, and knowledge Ka’ena Point from the north shore is a fun way to spend some bonding time with family while getting in good exercise in a gorgeous environment.

image of kaena point trail hike in Oahu Hawaii north shore

What to know

Hot with No Shade

Bumpy Road

Not Stroller Friendly

5 Mile There and Back Trail

Stunning Views and Beaches

This trail is hot and offers no shade along the way. Hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, and lots of water are a must. Carrying on umbrella can also be handy. The one saving grace for the heat is you have the ocean right there to bring in a good breeze.

boy looking at ocean and tide pools at kaena point north shore Oahu Hawaii

It is about 2 1/2 miles and may take one to three hours depending on your pace to get to the point and the lighthouse. You can choose to stop at any time and turn back and there are lots of beautiful beaches and tide pools along the way that you can stop at. Some people choose to just spend the day on the sand, exploring tide pools, and fishing without going to the point at all.

While there is no incline and a the old dirt road makes for a fairly easy walking path it is a bit too rugged to bring a stroller. I wore my one-year-old daughter while my three-year-old daughter and for-year-old son did perfectly fine walking on the trails. There are lots of different paths to take and explore that kept them interested and gave us lots of time to pause so they didn’t tire out to easily.

momma in sun hat carrying baby in Tula child carrier on hike in Oahu Hawaii
Carrying Faye Baby 

If you stick to the dirt road it is pretty straight shot straight to the point but if you want to glet closer to the water there are lots of different little paths to take that let you climb sand dunes and explore tide pools. The land is flat and offers easy views so you don’t need to worry about getting lost.

The dirt road gets travelled on by fishers and explorers out in their trucks quite a bit so you will share the wide road with small trucks. There are also plenty of ruts and in the winter they can get filled with water and the trail may be muddy. But since this side is the driest on the island you will more likely be walking through a desert like terrain.

If you make it to the end you will notice a fenced area to conserve a natural spot for the birds and wildlife. If you don’t have animals with you I would recommend going through the fence to get to the tip of the point.

More than likely you’ll run across a monk seal or two laying on the beach, so make sure to keep an eye out, as they tend to blend in and look just like the large rocks laying about.

Winter months are best for cooler breezes, large waves to gaze at, and lush green mountains for viewing.

Most people recommend coming very early in the morning to beat the heat. If you plan to make a day of it or hang out on some of the beaches that is great advise. But for us Sunset is where it’s at. It’s cooler and the sunlight is beyond belief beautiful. Make sure to bring a flashlight or charged phones so your not walking back in the pitch dark!

Sunset Worth Braving The Hike Back In The Dark

Just the drive out there is full of amazing scenery and fun stuff to check out!

Lost Houses

If you were a fan of the hit TV show Lost you will recognize the yellow village that were home to the others here at Camp Erdmun. Set right of the side of the road you can easily snap a selfie though it is a functioning camp so mind if there are children present a camp maybe in progress. You can take a tour of it for $5.

For more fun Lost Locations on Oahu check out Hawaii magazines post.

Fabled Palm Tree Forest

you may or may not have seen on plastered all over Instagram. You will see it from the road marked by the wood fence and you guessed it.. thousands of lovely palms!

Mokuleia Beach

is also a famous beach where you will run into a more laid back local feel away from most tourists.

Haleiwa Town

the cutest town on the island. Little bright shops, surfers and surf shops, local eats and food trucks galore, art galleries, coffee houses, and so much more!

If you do find yourself in Haleiwa try one of the food trucks like

Crispy Grindz

for yummy açaí bowls and Brazilian Delicacies

or our personal favorite place on the island that has a wide range of eclectic food

Uncle Bo’s.

So pack up and enjoy a day on my favorite part of the island The North Shore!

Did you enjoy the hike or have a favorite place around these parts?! I would love to hear about it!

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