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About Me

portrait family, travel, and adventure photographer based in Oahu hawaii

This is me. The storyteller here at LifeOvergrown. Unfiltered. 

This is how you will see me and know me if I am not out exploring. I am a tad bit awkward. An Extroverted Introvert. Meaning even though I can be very shy, I can also talk a mile a minute and be very excitable. I am a fickle woman. Typical.

I have found with children I can’t just “go with the flow” anymore. I used to be a radical unworrier. Is that a thing? Well if it was, its not anymore. Not for me. Now I care very much about the minutes I use on this Earth and how they affect those around me. Especially my Family.

That is where Intentional Living comes into play and I love it. Minimalist? You better believe it.
I used to call these terms, hippy shi*, or think of people with these traits as “control freaks”.

But Time has a way of changing, and I love being able to change and grow with it.

Like how my wandering soul will soon be embarking an epic bonding adventure with my Family. Full time travel as a Full Time Family. I will be spending my days with the ones I love most doing what I love best.

Exploring, learning, adventuring, and capturing it all!

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Because I fancy myself a Photographer and love sharing my photos head over to my photography page to see some of my Photo Shoots and Visual Stories!